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The Port of Cagliari is situated 11 miles away from the line Gibraltar-Suez and it represents one of the key points for the transshipment activities on the western Mediterranean.

The territory of the Port Authority of Cagliari extends up to 30 km along the cost, with the structure divided in two parts: historical port and canal port.

The historical port extends up to 5800 m of quay and is used for commercial traffic, RO/RO and passengers ships.

The canal port extends over more than 1600 m and offers 5 berths for transshipmen and RO/RO traffic.

There are also petrochemical petroleum berths for mooring 19 ships.

Thanks to the collaboration with the local bodies, the cruising services are developing very quickly.

The logistic integration within the city is excellent: the historical port is only 100 m distant from the center of the city, it is very well connected, only few meters away from the railway station and 7 km away from the airport.

Fundamental dates:

  • Time zone: GMT+1
  • Cartography: Nautical map 299, scale 311 of the Hydrographic Institute of Marine
  • Position historical port: lat. 39° 11' 42'' N, long. 09° 06' 24'' E
  • Position canal port: lat. 39° 11' 33'' N, long. 09° 03' 46'' E
  • Entire surface area: 5.000.000 m2

The climate is typical of the central Mediterranean area, offering mild winters and not very hot summers.

With the minimum annual temperature of +4 and the maximum of +38, the Port of Cagliari presents the following fundamental information:

  • Medium annual temperature: +17,5
  • Winds: mistral (prevalent and dominant), sirocco
  • Currents: weak
  • Tide: average changes of 40 cm in the sea level
  • Backwash: none
  • Draught area in the Historical Port: 3+12 m
  • Draught area in the Canal Port: 16 m