Autorità Portuale di Cagliari

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Free Zone of Cagliari - Società Consortile S.p.A.

The Free Zone was set up in Cagliari with the Decree of March 10th, 1998, No 75. In February 2000, the Port Committee approved the formation of a joint company, including the Port Authority and CASIC whose role was to manage the free zone also, according to the statute, in cooperation with other public or territorial actors, institution, business and economic.
The Free Zone Management Company management "Cagliari scpa Free Zone" was formed March 20, 2000 by the Port Authority of Cagliari and the Consortium for Area of Cagliari Industrial Development, partners of 50% of the company. The object of the company was identified in the "management, planning and administration of the Free Zone."
With D.P.C.M. June 2001 were identified and delimited the Free Zone within the area of Porto Canale Cagliari and the "Cagliari spa Free Zone" was identified as the management company of the same.
After several years interlocutors, in October 2009 the Port Authority has approved the new Statute of the company, which provides for the enlargement of the shareholder with a shareholding of 26% for the Port Authority, for CACIP (replaced CASIC) and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, a shareholder at 10% for the Provincial Administration of the City of Cagliari and Cagliari, and a 2% share for the Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari. The new statute was later approved by the Board of Directors of CACIP (November 2009) and the Board of Directors of the soc. Free Zone (December 2009). The shares of new members are currently under deliberation by the respective competent bodies.