Autorità Portuale di Cagliari

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The Port Authority of Cagliari is an entity established in compliance by the Article No. 6, Law “Riordino in materia portuale” No. 84 from 28th of January 1994.

This law, enacted after the previous censured system, proposes as the first aim a clear separation in the principal ports, considering geographically relevant markets,  between regulation and programming activities that are entrusted to the Independent authorities, and the port economical activities entrusted to private operators in the economic sector.

The article No. 84/94 gives the following tasks to the Port Authority:

a)      addressing, programming, coordination, promotion and control of different port activities, like commercial and industrial, with power to regulate and ordinate the safety regarding risks of accidents related to this kind of activities

b)      ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the common parts in the port area, including also the maintenance of fundamentals (…)

c)       to entrust and control activities of providing services of general interest to port users…


The Port Authority has a legal status under the public law, with the financial autonomy and the budget determined by the same law. The property and financial management is determined by the countability regulation approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport with the Ministry of Economy. The financial report is controlled by the Corte dei conti.


The territorial competence area of the Port of Cagliari is determined by decree of Ministry of Transport and Navigation on 6th of April 1994.


The organs of the Port Authority according to the article 7, law 84/94 are:

The president

The port committee

The general secretary

The college of auditors